Which is the right kennel for my dog?

We can find in the market kennels specially designed to meet Live Animal Regulations established by I.A.T.A. Full compliance with these regulations (in terms of kennel design, materials and dimensions) guarantees the safe transportation of your pet.

When choosing a kennel for your dog, it is important to consider the following measurements:

• Kennel height must be at least 10 cm more than the height of the dog measured from the floor to the tip of its ears.
• The four sides of the kennel must have ventilation holes to allow adequate air circulation.
• Kennel width should make it possible for the dog to turn round the way it does when chasing its own tail.

A water dispenser must be attached to the kennel, and a bag with dog food should be included if the itinerary demands changing flights. And do not forget to put some absorbing material on the kennel floor (rags, newspaper) in order to maintain good hygiene conditions.

Cristofersen Internacional S.A. has a Live Animal Division to deal with the special needs of this sector. We transport all kinds of live animals, with an annual volume of +30 tons of AVI cargo shipped by air to destinations all over the world. We have experience and the necessary know-how to ship pets to countries in Africa, Asia and Australasia, some of which are infrequent destinations with specific regulations.

We provide the following services:
Air transportation of pets.
Air transportation of animals, with commercial purposes
Air transportation of animals, with veterinary purposes
Full consultancy services related to Live Animal Regulations (LAR).
Origin and destination Sanitary Regulations
Customs Regulations
Quarantine Information

Advice on Animal Containers and Kennels in compliance with the International Air Transport Association – I.A.T.A.

Constant tracking of the cargo. Optimal transit times
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